- My end on the Internet

Gone are the days of pure joy and delight,
Now overshadowed by doubt, in the digital night,
A bombardment of ads, a cacophony loud,
Drowning out voices, in the virtual crowd.

Decades have passed, a decay of its soul,
Yet the future looms ahead, an ominous toll,
An amorphous void, where nothingness reigns,
An uncertain fate, where reality wanes.

So let us retreat, from this abyss so vast,
Bid farewell to the chaos, leave behind the past,
Close the chapter, on this digital age,
And seek solace offline, where truth finds its stage.

We'll not fade into obscurity, a fleeting glimmer,
But cherish the memories, of moments that shimmer,
Heading towards a place, where reality still stands,
Leaving behind the tumult, in these digital lands.

Let this page be the start of the path to a new beginning.
Godspeed. Be well.     No cookies used.